Why we need therapy dogs

therapy Dogs

therapy dogs

The term therapy dogs are used to refer to what is defined as ESA. In other words, these are emotional support dogs. People with disabilities end to have many problems. For example, one might be depressed and hence will require an animal companion to overcome their depressive saes. These therapy dogs are trained to help such persons overcome this feeling.  The comfort and support that these dogs offer is quite reassuring and this is the reason for the increase in the number of cases of persons who have these dogs.

Mental instability

People with unstable mental states or are disturbed psychologically need some form of care, comfort and support that perhaps no humans can offer. The therapy dogs come handy and as they snuggle you, there   is the feeling for relief from the depression so that one feels better.

Patients with conditions like anxiety need to be calmed down. Though one will get all the medication that they require, nothing beats the dogs in terms of overcoming the anxiety. The o dogs are usually trained to offer emotional support so that persons can overcome their feelings and get better.


If you have been to a hospital, you must have come across a dog next to a patient or even sleeping in their bed. The purpose of the dog is to help the sick persons feel better. It helps that one comforted out of their infirmity so that they can get well and leave the hospital.

Retirement homes

You may have seen that retirement homes house aged persons who are no longer active. Such persons may feel neglected because other people are busy and have no time for them. The therapy dogs offer   the best companionship to these old persons, relieving them from the states of solitude, loneliness and emotional detachment from the rest of the society.

therapy dogs Nursing homes

The invalids, convalescents and the terminally ill in nursing homes need just the same therapeutic care as any other person. This is where the dogs come into the picture. The hospices also fall in these groups and especially because these are the places where the terminally ill are found. The dogs are usually very helpful in providing this kind of care. Mind you, they do not strictly have to be dogs and one cans even others which are considered ESAs.

The disaster ravaged areas also have many people who are devastated by say, an earthquake, fire, floods and so on. The dogs are hired in those areas to help individuals overcome their traumatized minds recover from the shook.

In view of the above, one finds that these dogs are usually very useful in offering all the therapeutic care needed   by people in those areas.

Do you need a therapy yourself? Forget the massage and get yourself a trained dog for yourself or a lived one who has some form of impairment. They will be comforted and receive all the care that not even a physiotherapist would offer. This is the reason for the increased use of such dogs.

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